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How to Plan a Mico Wedding

I get it, these days due to COVID19 restrictions, your wedding planning has been thrown a curve ball. I know how exhausting it is to keep up with all the different mandates & regulations around planning your wedding. If that’s you, I want to encourage you that your wedding doesn’t have to be cancelled!! Lots of brides are downsizing their wedding & planning micro weddings instead. I’ll start by saying that weddings are extremely personal and there is NEVER a right or wrong way to do it! But from my experience of micro weddings I’ll break down for you some tips & how tos! 

1. What is a Micro Wedding?
Think elopement with more people….usually no more than 50 people! Different states & counties have different rules with covid right now, but keeping your group numbers low seems to be consistent across the board. If you were wanting to still get married but wanted more people than an elopement, a mico wedding could be the way to go!

2. Less is More!!!
So think of all the options you have planning a smaller wedding!! You could get really creative with the location…intimate garden party to a rooftop in the city! When you start planning a wedding for under 50 people, you can really think outside the box as far as location. Also, you save a TON of money hosting less people. Or, you if you still wanted to keep your budget, you have room to spend a little extra on things that really matter to you since your wedding won’t cost the original amount you were planning when you were going to invite 200 people! Let your imagination run wild & take advantage of having an imitate wedding celebration.

Just because you’re choosing to only have a few people at your wedding doesn’t mean the event is less causal! If you want to go black tie formal, DO IT. It’s your day, regardless of the guest size!

4. Focus on your VOWS!
You’re committing your life to each other and deciding to go with a micro wedding means you’re most likely going to have your closest friends & family present with you. GO ALL OUT on your vows….take as long as you want to read vows & go deep! Focusing on your vows and really taking the time in this moment makes your micro wedding more intimate than saying your vows in front of a large guest count.

5.Who gets invited to your micro wedding?
Your nearest & dearest family & friends. Usually micro weddings are 50 people or less. Think the absolute closest friends & family you have in your life. And with this intimate of a guest list, it’s okay to say no plus one’s or children allowed! Keep it tight & personal.

6. It’s okay to be less traditional!
With micro weddings being so small & intimate, it’s okay to loose some of the more traditional aspects of a wedding. For example, if you don’t want a bridal party, flower girl, or ring bearer, leave them out! If you want to greet your guests as they arrive at your wedding, go for it!! Make your micro wedding as intimate & personal as you want it to be.


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