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Whether you're looking for your wedding or elopement photographer, or your engagement photos or just fun couple photos to document your love story, I don't take it lightly what a privilege it is to capture your memories. You need someone you can trust who cares deeply about documenting your life & let me tell you, I'm your girl! 

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+ customized wedding photography timeline creation
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Preserving your memories, capturing your intimate moments, photographing what makes you, YOU. That is my passion. Selecting your wedding photographer is one of the most expensive steps in wedding planning and there's a reason for it! I care about you and will do everything I can to make sure your wedding, elopement, or couple photos are ones you are proud to show your grandchildren someday. I'm crazy passionate about people who invite me into their lives to document their stories.

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We should adventure. Hawaii sunset beach photos or Blue Ridge Mountain sunrise photos? Let's go on an adventure together. Choose an epic location that means something to you & let's make it happen. If you're wanting wedding photos in an epic location but aren't having your wedding in that spot, let's book something seperate to get you your dream photos! 

Taking photos should be FUN! I know it feels intimidating or awkward to get your photos taken. But I’m not about showing up as a total stranger and expecting you to feel comfortable with me. My goal is build a relationship with you well before a photo is ever taken! 

Your photos should be timeless. There are a lot of crazy photo trends going around on the internet these days. But I believe your photos should be ones you're proud to show your kids & grandkids one day. Timeless & ageless memories. 

Stuffy photos are the worst. I want you to be free to be yourself, to laugh, be goofy, and run around in the sand if that's what you want to do! I'm not an over poser and I'm focused on capturing who YOU are. 


- Schylar & Nick

The entire experience of working with Emily from booking to the day of was seamless. She responds in a very timely manner and has tons of experience under her belt to offer guidance on more than just photos. She really cares about her clients and spent time getting to know us, our relationship, and what was important to us for our wedding photos. We were so impressed with how she captured our relationship so candidly without forcing or over-staging shots. Emily exceeded our expectations with how on top of everything she was, I didn’t worry for one second on our wedding day that she was missing a special moment! 

We actually did not secure our wedding date with our venue until we knew that Emily was free that day—that is how much we wanted her! 

- Jessica

Not only are her pictures stunning but she instantly makes you feel comfortable! Emily was able to capture who we were as a couple in a romantic and adventurous way! She delivered so many photos that are frame worthy, I was blown away! She is truly a master at her craft. Emily knew EXACTLY what she was doing both leading up to our wedding and the day of, she asked all the right questions, supported us in ways we didn’t even know we needed and was such a joy to work with. Working with her never felt overwhelming and we never once worried that we would end up with anything less than STUNNING photos. If you’re looking for gorgeous photos of your day taken by someone you can trust to capture it all… look no further! Emily is your girl! 

HIRE EMILY!!! You. Won’t. Regret. It.

- Luke

Emily was so fantastic to work with! We needed a local photographer in Sonoma County and Emily made herself available to shoot a two segmented wedding that we had (one ceremony at the beach and one at our venue in Sebastopol). She is the perfect combination of professional and personable! She asks ALL the right questions and takes away all the pressure that some couples would have in feeling like they have to plan the whole itinerary list of photos needed. For any future clients out there who are looking for someone who knows how to shoot a wedding, and well, Emily is the best choice you will find!

She exceeded our expectations well beyond what we were anticipating, and words can't do enough justice as to how great it was to work with her.

- Nick & Schylar

Emily exceeded our expectations with how on top of everything she was, I didn’t worry for one second on our wedding day that she was missing a special moment!  If you are on the fence about booking Emily, we can honestly say that every penny we spent was worth it to ensure that we didn’t risk the quality of our wedding photos. We know that weddings are expensive and different things are important to different couples, but trust us on this one! Wedding planning is so stressful but knowing we had hired Emily brought us a lot of peace.

every penny we spent was worth it!

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Whether you're  wanting engagement photos or a couple session for the heck of it, I would love to capture your memories! 

Sessions begin at $650

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From large estate weddings to small intimate weddings on the beach, it would be an honor to tell your story through the lens of my camera. 
Wedding Collections begin at $3,600
Elopements begin at $2,000

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