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Phuket, Thailand Recap

Thailand was magical for many reasons. But the best part was being with my sister & brother in law who live there! They are serving with For Freedom International & All Nations Church Phuket. I hadn’t seen them since February when they left, so being reunited with them was oh so sweet! The first time Jess & I went to Thailand we went to learn & serve with For Freedom International and not be on vacation. So this trip was all vacation and it was so different, in the best way!

The travel day is LONG…about 30 hours ish for us. We got a great deal on flights from Scott’s Cheap Flights and we flew China Eastern Airlines. We packed in a carry on so we didn’t starve! Contrary to popular belief you can actually bring a lot of food on the plane! We discovered this early on in our travels and are so thankful. For this trip, we had 2 big meals on planes and instead of eating gross airline food, we packed burrito bowls & salads. And of course, all the snacks in between.

Once we made it to Phuket, we went straight to the beach and jumped in the ocean. It was so refreshing!! We talked on the beach in the sunshine for hours and drank fresh coconut water. THE LIFE.

A couple days into our trip we took a 3 day staycation to a BEAUTIFUL beach front Airbnb in Phuket. If you want $55 off your first Airbnb stay, you can use THIS LINK for a coupon! This airbnb was so tropical & perfect for lounging & being jet lagged! Haha! We could walk to shops & restaurants and it was so quiet! We felt like we were on another island.

The crystal clear waters are just STUNNING and the water is so warm!

We frequented the fruit markets every other day it seemed like! The tropical fruit is so nourishing and delicious! Liliokoi, Mangosteen, Papaya, Coconuts, Apple Bananas, Dragon Fruit, etc. My mouth is watering thinking about it all now!

This is what the inside of the Lilikoi looks like. It’s probably my FAVORITE tropical fruit! You eat the insides and it’s so yummy. You must try it!

All the long talks, late nights, laughs, and ocean swims with my sister were the BEST. Miss her lots but she’s so blessed to live on this island!

The weather was stunning for the whole 10 days we were there. We went in mid December and it only rained 1 day!

Often what our breakfast’s looked like..Claire & Garrett were the best hosts!

Inside the Mangosteen…you just eat the pods and spit out the seeds.

There were several all Vegan restaurants that we went to and the food was amazing. So much food for such a good price! We feasted each meal for about $7-8 USD each!

This is my sister’s salon that she teaches in! It’s called Grace Salon & Style Bar and it’s under For Freedom International!

Claire makes the BEST homemade acai bowls!!

One day, Jess & I took a day tour to a few neighboring islands off the coast of Phuket. If you go for vacation, a day tour is really great and usually very well priced. Since we already did the Phi Phi Island tour before, we did the Krabi & James Bond Island tour and it was just stunning! Not as much snorkling as we would have liked, but the islands were beautiful.

This trip flew by in the end, but I was thankful the days were slow so we could cherish the moments with each other. Our purpose of going to Thailand was to visit Claire & Garrett and I’m so thankful for all the quality time we spent together. I’ll be back in May 2020 because Claire is pregnant! I’ll be going back for her delivery and to meet my first niece or nephew!


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