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Be Content with Ripples

Let’s talk about #makewavesmonday for a second here. Because the truth is, today I feel like I’m barely making ripples, let alone making waves. That I’m treading water rather than riding that barrel to the beach. Heck most days I look around at everyone else smashing life and I’m almost tempted to throw in the towel. Instead of being content with my ripples and proud of my journey, I just sink quietly under the surface to the calm and still beneath. You guys, this week hasn’t even started and I have already been impatient with myself, I have already condemned this day for its lack of waves and disregarded my ripples. But in reality, I realize I’m not really a ‘make waves’ person. In my heart I am a ripples girl. I am happy with the slow, meaningful movements. The small things that make big things. So today, I’m learning to be content with my ripples. And you should too.



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