Karina & Alki: Taber Ranch Wedding

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this wedding…for many reasons. But the day before this wedding, I was evacuated from my house due to the Kincade Fire that was threatening Sonoma County. I tried to evacuate close to the venue, but everything was booked in the area because so many people were being evacuated! I ended up in Redwood City, which made my drive the day of the wedding 3 hours longer then it needed to be! I drove in the WINDYEST conditions I’ve ever driven. Legit was scared for my life at points! But without being too dramatic, I made it safely and got to work!

The wind RIPPED through Taber Ranch that day, but the team at the ranch & the wedding party weren’t phased at all and pulled off a beautiful day. It was one for the books for sure. Alki & Karina were one of my favorite couples of 2019 and I wasn’t about to miss their wedding for anything! Enjoy some of my favs from their day…

// shot by Emily for One Love


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