Behind The Camera: Photographer & Entrepreneur

It’s awkward and so out of my comfort zone to write about myself. I’ve always been the worst at self reflection, describing how I’m ‘feeling’, and most of all, talking about myself. But hey, if we want to be friends, you’re going to wonder who I am, right? So let me tell you a little more about myself.

I am a firm believer in going after your dreams and taking chances. Early on, I realized there was no better way to go after your dreams than by making them a reality. For me, that reality began years ago in high school, as I followed my dreams and became a photographer.

8 years later, I am living my dream as a wedding photographer based out of Northern California. My camera is the extension of my eyes and my heart. My goal with my business is to capture the honest, genuine, and truest part of people and document it forever. I want to tell your story in a way, that years from now, when you look back on your photos, you are taken back to the memories and feelings of how you felt each step of your wedding day. The real, raw, and organic moments between a couple, that’s what gets my heart beating with excitement!

I also am a content curator for other business. Today, if a business is not on social media, they are struggling. But even those who ARE on social media struggle to be consistent, relevant, and have high quality photos. So that’s where I come in, taking photos of the product, business owner, establishment, workflow, and just about anything that goes along with the business’ brand. This provides business owners fresh, new, and brand relevant content to share on social media consistently.

Aside from photography and my business…I’m an extreme foodie, ocean lover, natural living, zero waste freak, and true hippy at heart. I garden in my free time and adventure to a tropical beach any chance I get. I’m obsessed with sunshine and will be soaking it up any chance I get. I drink almond milk lattes and Kombucha occasionally but I’m really obsessed with acai bowls.

I love Jesus and I’m thankful for His grace everyday in my life. I come from a big, loud, and crazy family and we love spending time together every chance we get. I’m a true introvert at heart and could be perfectly content working in yoga pants all day everyday in my office. But let’s be real, I try to be more social than that. 😉


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